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About Us

The art of jewellery design inspired me to turn my dreams into owning and establishing my own Hand Stamped Personalised Jewellery business, based in Sydney, Australia.

I have been designing Jewellery for over 13years, selling many of my pieces to various Boutiques.

In 2013, Stamped with Love was launched, offering High Quality Hand Stamped Jewellery. Each piece uniquely Hand Stamped With Love, making each letter and piece individual - not perfect, just gorgeous!

Stamped with love offers beautiful pieces made from High Grade Quality Stainless Steel, Silver,Gold,and Rose Gold. Some of the most popular Personalised Jewellery pieces include the Love Heart Washer Necklace, Circle Of Life Pendant, Lucky Rings Necklace and Personalised Message Bangles. Stamped with Love is committed in providing the Highest Quality products, ensuring each piece is treasured and unique.

Stamped with Love’s philosophy is based on….”That everyone deserves happiness.” With extensive thought and consideration, the dandelion flower was chosen as the aesthetic design for the business logo, which greatly reflects the values of the business. The flower is also well known, as the childhood magical flower for making wishes.

The floral symbolic meaning for the dandelion is…. It is a gift to a loved one that will provide happiness and is a promise of total faithfulness.

Stamped with Love believes that everyone deserves the gift of happiness.


Love Mary Anne x