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Jewellery Care & Maintenance

Stainless steel jewellery is popular because it is lightweight,classy and modern. It can last a long time and look like new when it is kept clean. It is not hard to care for stainless steel, but there are a few things you need to know so that it doesn’t get dull. Below are steps you can do to remove dust and dirt from your stainless steel jewellery.

  1. Get a lint free cloth that is non-abrasive.
  2. Put warm water in a small container with two or three drops of a mild dishwashing liquid.
  3. In a second container, place warm water without any soap.
  4. Use the cloth, dampened with water to gently clean your jewellery.
  5. Use a soft toothbrush to gently get into, any grime from etched areas.
  6. Place your jewellery in the warm water to rinse.
  7. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the water so that there are no spots.
  8. Polish your stainless steel jewellery with a soft microfibre cloth. (no chemicals)
  9. Finished.

Stamped With Love does not recommend lacquers, abrasives, or silver polishing cloths as it will damage the plating on the Gold and Rose Gold IP Jewellery pieces. 

We highly recommended to remove jewellery before entering swimming pools,spas and before carrying out activities where jewellery could come into contact with chemicals.