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Hand Stamped Jewellery Blackening

Posted by Mary Anne on


                                                                                 Hand Stamping Jewellery Blackening

Mens Personalised Bar NecklaceUnlike sterling silver, Stainless Steel cannot be blackened using traditional corrosive methods.

Stainless Steel is a much stronger metal which really only leaves two options that are commonly used in the industry. 

And they may surprise you ...

1. Enamel paint

2. Industrial Sharpie

Our personal choice for blackening the letters, in our Jewellery Collection is using Enamel Paint. 

Petite Heart Personalised Necklace Our process involves some skilled steps to ensure a Highly Quality finish.

First we paint over our letters using the enamel paint and lightly wipe over with a cloth after a few seconds. Often there is some paint residue left over,however we then let it dry for a further 5-10 minutes.Once dried,any leftover excess paint residue is rubbed off with a dab of solution using a cloth.The final process is highly polishing the jewellery piece...ready to be sent out.

This technique is very affective and holds up in most conditions,including when in contact with water. 

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