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Tree Of Life Personalised Necklace


Product Description


The Tree of Life has been symbolic for thousands of years.It has been known as the most common form of jewellery worn throughout many centries.The Tree Of Life has been viewed in ancient drawings and writings in many religions including Christian, Jewish and Buddhist.Some of the Ancient sites found the Tree of Life Necklace and Jewellery made from stone and bronze.Apart from the Religious and Ancient meanings of the Tree of Life,it has a symbolic meaning to many,representing unity,connection and bond.For others it symbolises the connection with Nature.

Today for many, the Tree of Life Jewellery is worn for expressing the unity of family-characteristed as the roots being the family heritage,the trunck representing strength and support of the branches,which are the members of the family.For others it also represents Lifes Journey-starting from a seed,growing to a sapling ,then to a mature tree with many branches represnting the different paths during our lifetime.With the various interpretations of the Tree of Life,it is often interpreted to something that is meaningful and unique to the individual.

Our Tree of Life Personalised Necklace is a beautiful sophisticated Jewellery Piece.It expresses the uniqueness of family bond and unity.It represents lifes journey and the paths we travel,with connection to spirituality and faith.Our Personalised Necklace is undoubtedly a must have jewellery piece to add to your hand stamped collection.



  • Tree Of Life Charm Pendant:  20mm round approximately 1.8mm thick.
  • Circle Pendant: 31mm outer (21mm inner)-approximately 36 Characters including spaces

Our Circle Pendant has a premium thickness of: 2.5mm

Each Tree Of Life Charm is available in one finish: Black
Our Circle Pendant is available in: Silver, Rose Gold and Gold
All pieces are Hand Stamped with an uppercase block font. Our Tree Of Life Personalised Necklace is not done by machine, making each letter and piece individual and Personalised - not perfect, just gorgeous!
A common characteristic of Hand Stamped Jewellery,is to have some variations in character depth and spacing. There may also be some indentations to the back of thinner designs created by individual hammering of each letter into the metal.It is the artistry of Hand Stamped Jewellery to have a modern yet rustic appearance.While perfection is impossible, at Stamped With Love we aim to produce High Quality Jewellery that will last forever.

Hand Stamped Jewellery is growing in popularity.It is unque and crafted to last a life time.Our Personalises Necklace is about expression, which is inspired by love, hopes, dreams and memorable celebrations.Our Hand Stamped jewellery is the perfect meaningful gift from the heart.Our  jewellery range reflects precious memories that will last foreverStamped with Love offer affordable jewellery without sacrificing on quality. We take pride in our work and ensure that every piece really is Stamped with Love.



As each Personalised Jewellery piece is custom made, there is a small wait time. The current turn-around time for your Tree of Life Personalised Necklace is approximately 2 weeks from order until dispatch.(International Orders can take up to 10 Business Days from dispatch) However, we will always create and process your order as quickly as possible, often resulting in a faster dispatch. 



Stainless steel will not tarnish, blacken or discolour your skin.

Our Stamped with Love Tree of Life Personalised Necklace may fade over time due to lotion build up or direct sunlight. To ensure you get the best from your jewellery regularly clean with some water and dry thoroughly.



                   To avoid delay in shipping,please ensure your stamping instructions match the product character recommendations.


"Live a little, Love a lot"- Kenny Chesney




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