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Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversaries are special occasions that are remembered and celebrated amongst couples, family and friends, for their pure significance and importance. These memorable anniversaries are often celebrated and embraced with the giving of personal gifts…a gesture, which symbolises the expression of love, eternity, and infinity.

People have been giving personalised gifts to celebrate various wedding anniversaries for centuries. The earliest recorded instances of giving wedding anniversary gifts come from Central Europe, and there is a tradition of using a different material to celebrate each milestone in a couple's life. These materials are what we know today as the traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

Stamped With Love offers the highest quality stainless steel jewellery, with each piece custom made and hand stamped with love. The utmost care is taken to ensure each piece is treasured and unique. Stamped with love jewellery is the ultimate wedding anniversary gift, to give for a very significant and memorable occasion.